neon pothos

If you’re looking for an indoor plant that’s easy to grow and will dress up any corner of your home, the neon pothos plant might be a perfect choice.

A variety of pothos, neon pothos (Epipremnum aureum ‘Neon’) is characterized by neon green leaves and vining growth habit.

These plants are relatively low-fuss and can thrive in many different types of environments-making them an excellent option for beginners or those with notoriously brown thumbs.

Neon Pothos Care

Since neon pothos is native to the Solomon Islands, they prefer tropical or humid environments.

When growing neon pothos indoors, try to place them in a location that gets plenty of sunlight (but not direct sunlight). You can also water neon pothos when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch.

Keep Neon Pothos on the Dry Side

One way you can increase humidity around your neon pothos is by misting them regularly, as this will help keep their foliage looking lush and healthy.

Another option is to place a tray filled with pebbles and water underneath your neon pothos – the evaporating water will raise humidity levels in the surrounding environment.

Neon Pothos Reproduction

As if neon pothos weren’t beautiful enough already!

If you notice little plantlets growing off of neon pothos (called “pups”), simply snip these off using sharp pruning shears or scissors.

You can also propagate new neon pothos by sticking neon pothos cuttings directly into potting soil.

Neon Pothos are Toxic to Pets and Humans

As with many other varieties of plants, neon pothos can be toxic if ingested. Always use caution when placing neon pothos around the home-especially in areas where pets or children have access to them.

If you suspect that your pet has consumed any part of a neon pothos plant (or another household plant), contact Pet Poison Helpline immediately for 24/seven support. They’ll walk you through treatment steps over the phone, which may include inducing vomiting at home or taking your pet to an animal hospital for further care.

Neon Pothos make great accent foliage. With a neon green heart-shaped leaf and a vining growth habit, neon pothos is an easy houseplant to grow indoors.

They can thrive in low-light environments – making them perfect for offices or entryways where you don’t want to spend too much time maintaining your plants.

If you’re looking for a plant that’s eye-catching without being overbearing, neon pothos might be just the right choice!


Neon pothos prefers bright, indirect light.


Keep the soil moist but not wet.


Only fertilize sparingly as too much can cause leaf burn.


Neon pothos is a tropical plant and prefers warm temperatures between 65-85 degrees F.


High humidity is ideal for neon pothos, but they can tolerate lower levels if necessary.

Propagating Neon Pothos

Propagating neon pothos is easy and can be done either by air layering or stem tip cuttings.

To propagate neon pothos via air layering, you will need:

a clear plastic bag; moist sphagnum moss; rooting hormone powder (optional); and wire for securing the plant to the pot.

First, prepare your neon pothos cutting by using sharp pruning shears to snip off a healthy stem section about five inches in length from an actively growing vine. Make sure there are at least three nodes on this piece of neon pothos before taking it into your hands-this ensures that each node has room for two new roots and one shoot when planted back in its container after being layered.

Next, make a hole in the neon pothos growing medium using your fingers or hand trowel about an inch deep and insert the neon pothos cutting into this cavity to half its length.

Then, fill in around it with soil up to where you started making sure not to cover over any of neon pothos stems-this is essential for success!

Finally, take a heavy-duty clear plastic bag (you can even use two sandwich bags taped together) and moisten before enclosing the neon pothos plant within it so that no air pockets are left inside.

Secure by twisting ties around at least four inches from the top of neon pothos grow pot. If done correctly, neon pothoses will begin developing neon pothos roots in about two months.

When neon pothoses are mature, pot them up individually and enjoy their neon green leaves that have grown to over three feet long!

If you want to propagate neon pothos via stem tip cuttings instead of air layering, simply take a healthy neon pothos cutting with at least four nodes on it and use rooting hormone powder (optional) for best results before sticking neon pothos cuttings into moistened sand or peat moss.

Make sure the soil medium is kept well-watered but not soggy as this could rot neon pothos’ tender new roots-be careful not to overwater either though lest they develop yellowed leaves from root rot.

In about four to six weeks, neon pothoses will have roots and can be transplanted into their permanent homes!